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Urgent Adoptions !!

All dogs require an introduction before an adoption can take place, as well as a home check being done.

This is Eileen. (Poitjie) she had her leg munched by her mom at 6 months the stump needs to be amputated. We will cover it at our vet when the time is right. She’s a little spit fire. She needs someone home all day that’s committed to a lifetime of care for her.

Ivy is boerbull cross pit. She will be a big girl. She will need someone strong that will understand both breeds.

Pepper is Ivy’s brother. He is boerbull cross pit. He will be a big boy. He will need someone strong that  understands both breeds.

Parker is a gorgeous male 12 week old chocolate Pitbull. He will need a family that knows the breed well. Training will be a must. 

Gibson is around 6.5 months old, he is a super social and sweet boy

Max is a sweet tiny petite little girl. She is around 4 years old. Needs a bigger male dog potentially

Diesel is around 5 years old. He very very sweet and social boy

Bolt is super social and gentle, he needs time to decompress with a person, but once  he does he’s a social butterfly

Axel is a 4 month old, He is  plain perfect boy

Jesse is around 10 weeks old. She needs a person with breed experience

Ethan is a gentle social sweet boy. Estimated to be between 3 and 4 years old. He is such a dream! There’s no drama with him, just super chill

Please see below PDF for home checks and adoptions

Serendipitty home check

Please see below page for home checks and fostering

Serendipitty Foster Agreement


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